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In many collaborative activities, it’s a common proceeding to first let the participants figure out some ideas alone and then to share them with the others. A very simple example are those agile retrospective activities like “4L” or “Keep it/Start it/Stop it”. Participants are asked to write some notes and then to present them on the board.

Currently, everything each participant is doing is instantly visible on the board. People often give the feedback that they have failed figuring out their own ideas because they were distracted (actively or passively) by the efforts of the other participants.

Imagine a frame which I could assign to one single participant to work in. After e.g. a time box runs out, the frame owner could copy the results and paste them into the public area of the board.

Maybe there is already a way to do this? Please let me know.

Henning - 


Two ways to do this would be:

  1. Have separate “personal whitespace” boards for each participant. As the facilitator, you could have each person’s board open in a separate browser tab and then do a copy & paste from their personal boards to a common board.
  2. A simpler approach would be to use a launch pad (with links) to send each participant to different areas of the same board which are sufficiently separate from one another on the board that they wouldn’t be disturbed by each other’s work. You could then easily copy & paste their ideas into a common frame. 


Hi Henning,

in an other context here I created a screenshot of how you could work with classes.

Maybe this helps you a bit or could give you an idea:



Hello Henning,

This idea hasn’t yet had lot of attention on the wishlist voting, but think it is VERY important, and I strongly agree that something like this needs to be implemented. Others have suggested usable workarounds, but I would love to see:

 - a personal, private notepad for individual brainstorming, which would allow a participant to easily click on a point to instantly send it to a newly created sticky

 - a small group sharing space that will allow  a small team to see and manipulate a frame or a space before sending content ( or the whole frame!) to another spot on the board with as few clicks and learning steps as possible

These are among many features that are probably not critical for those using Miro for longer-term, single team collaboration, but for those of us looking to run live participatory events with miro-naive participants, they are critical!


Definitely, there are meeting notes that I don’t want to share but want on hand for future discussions/brainstorming

Another option is for participants to use the sticky note bulk mode. Until they hit done, the sticky notes wouldn’t be created in the board for everyone to see...

I want something like this too. I want to use Miro boards for team discussions in class. The teams are in separate zoom breakout rooms, and they each need to write an answer to a problem. I don’t want them copying each other, so using Google Docs/Slides isn’t a good solution--I may have 30 different teams and I don’t want to clutter my Google Drive with 30 documents. I need a single URL I can drop into chat and then the students can pick their frames on Miro. I’ve been doing it now by creating a series of frames, but 1) students can still see each other’s work, and 2) they HATE it. They hate using Miro because it is really clunky if what you want is to generate text.

+1 on this.