Paste from Excel / Google Sheets selection as a table in Miro

Right now it creates a Post-it for each cell, which means I either have to manually fill out each cell in Miro, or take a screenshot of the excel table. 


Stretch goal would be sheets integration where I can reference a miro table from Sheets data that is updated automatically.

Am I the only one who wants to paste spreadsheet/google sheet tables as a table/grid in Miro (and NOT as sticky notes)?

@Sada - Yes, this would be handy! A number of other users have commented in the Grids Feedback post.

I added my vote :smiley: (you should add your own vote too...)

Hi, I found a workaround for this. I created a blank table on my Miro board via Apps - Tables and Charts and the copy-pasted into this table from Excel. I didn’t have a very complicated spreadsheet to add, but it might work for you too!

Yes we need Sheets inside Miro.


I would be happy with just pasting grid for grid...Selecting a 3x4 set of cells in Excel and pasting into MIRO and getting the same 3x4 Grid with the text data -no link.

I would even be okay with have to create a 3x4 Grid in MIRO first to match the excel selection before pasting.

Any Idea when this feature will be available?

Has it been committed as a feature that is under development?

Hi @NunoAndrew ​@Sada @Emese Bodnar @Julien @Dustin Hansen @James Woyciesjes @Andy Pearce and everyone who upvoted this idea,

Now it is possible to import from Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets to Miro tables :tada:  

You should copy cells in your Microsoft Excel document or Google Spreadsheets, select a cell in your Miro table, and press Cmd/Ctrl + V.  The content from the spreadsheet will be copied to the table:


Hope it helps! And please leave your feedback about this feature in the following post: Grids are now tables – and you can finally merge cells 🥳