Mathematics & EquatIO/GeoGebra & Tablet/phone connection

Would be great if you could these features as Math educators struggles a lot , LaTex is too much time consuming , EquatIO already have image convert to LaTex , so why reinvent the wheel

  1. Add EquatIO & GeoGebra as a plugin as they already have a bunch of stuffs for Maths
  2. Scientific Calculator . scientific formulas/expressions/equations pre available
  3. Can add equation or any math/science related things by connecting a phone or tablet and using pen on the phone and it shows on Miro live.

Thanks , Kind regards.

Great ideas. I also teach math remotely , and in person. These tools would really add something to Miro.



Special Education Consultant

I am in college at the same time as I’m working, and I require such a tool for both.