Make Figma plugin for Miro update all instances of PNGs

It's nice that your Figma>Miro plugin will import a PNG of selected Figma Frames into Miro, and update that PNG if I revise the original in Figma and resync it back to Miro.

But I need to update ALL instances of that Figma PNG in Miro, and not just the 1st instance.

For example, let's say that in Miro I want 3 instances of that same original Figma Frame (eg. a Homepage screen) in 3 separate places on the Miro board, so I make 2 more copies and place them where I want in Miro.

If I update the Homepage screen in Figma, then sync it back to Miro, it only updates the original Homepage, but not the other 2 copies. This is different from how the Sketch>Miro plugin works, which updates all instances that are duplicated in Miro. I love that, because the latest Homepage design is updated for every copy in Miro.

Is it possible to make the Figma>Miro plugin function the say way? This is critical for my Sketch-to-Figma transition because I still use Miro to host all my massive screen matrix charts and screen-flows already in progress.

Thank you!

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