Integration with Adobe XD

We love MIRO and the way it works with Sketch. But we are exploring Adobe XD for our next move and it would be awesome to have a similar integration/function with Adobe XD too. Hence the question.

Hey @Pavan Misra, thanks for sharing this idea! I’m going to move it to the Wish List. Let’s see how many votes it will get :relaxed:  

@Marina can we please! I am working mostly on projects now in XD, and one thing I loved previously about Sketch was the ability to use the plugin to very easily sync my designs to Miro. Now in XD I have to manually export all the screens, drag and drop them into Miro and organize accordingly - which takes 10x as long as doing from Sketch to Miro. 

I know other designers who also have raised this concern and would love this feature, it’s definitely been discussed within the Toptal community of designers on several occasions. 


Thanks in advance!

Hmmmmmmmm :thinking:

I use Adobe XD, so I’m interested to learn why you would place screens into Miro @Luke Peake 


Is it so other team members can doodle over screens? Or why not just invite those other team members to comment in XD with the share links?

Hi @Kyle.C , when I present designs I prefer the interface of sharing designs through Miro as it’s more of a large “whiteboard” feel, so can zoom in and out, and see all the designs together easily in one place. For example, one use case is we are going over designs, and I zoom out and look at references, or a style guide, within Miro, all in the one session.

Where as XD share / prototype is more like Invision where you click from screen to screen and leave comments that way, which I feel can get lost or missed more easily. Plus the comments tool in Miro I feel is one of my fav features and all my clients find it very useful. I am a BIG fan of Miro and have used it for many clients, plus have referred others. 

That’s my thoughts anyway :blush:

Nice, thanks for explaining @Luke Peake :)

I definitely think XD has some updates they need to make regarding commenting. I use Miro when planning designs because its so much easier to see everything and make notes/comments.

Up ! Interested too 🙂. It could be just like the JIRA Card tools. Possibility to apply XD app on a board. Then choose a XD project/file and then choose which artboard to add on the Miro white board.
And if comment link to a specifict artboard could be link to Xd comment it could be very cool. But I don’t know if Adobe CC API gives this kind of possibility.

I would love this integration so that I can map the screen flows at a high level. Our mobile app provides a complicated selection of screens that change depending on a handful of factors. I can’t keep track of these combinations to see which screens are presented when/where. It would be easy for me to map that out in Miro with a live connection to XD to dynamically update any changes we make to those screens.

Hi there, @Pavan Misra @Luke Peake @Xavier @Lee Johnson, and everyone who upvoted this idea,

Good news! The Adobe XD integration is live :rocket:  


Please find more information and leave your feedback in the Changelog Discussion tread :point_right_tone2: