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I’ve been using MindNode for a long time and have lots of mind map templates, and mindmaps that I’m using. It would be great to be able to import these into Miro.

Is that possible?


Hey @Curtis James! :wave_tone1:

I’m afraid, it is not currently possible to import/convert mind maps from other apps directly to Miro. Thanks for your contribution to the Wish List! :wink:  

Would be great with iMindMap Maps

Thanks for listening.


Many mind mapping apps are able to export in OPML format. It would be fantastic if Miro could import that format.

Similar situation to the original poster - I am a long-time MindNode user who has many MindNode templates and uses MindNode for so many different purposes. I already have large mind maps in MindNode and don’t really want to re-create them. It would be great if I could import them in Miro so that I could collaborate on them with other people. Per another suggestion here, MindNode can export to OPML, so having an OPML import would be fine.

I'd add to the excellent connects above that opml import is essential if you want mind map people to take your tool seriously
Essential :)

I would add that an ability to export to common formats is at least as valuable.  There are enough compelling reasons to use Miro that you needn’t worry about locking people in to your format.  Meanwhile the inability to export was the biggest disincentive I had when deciding whether to use. 

Being able to export means:

1. you can share a mindmap with people who don’t / won’t use Miro,

2. You can work offline if needed and

3. (most importantly) you don’t have to worry about whether Miro will still exist in 3 years’ time when you come back to some old data.

Amplifying all previous requests to either enable an OPML import or do an alliance with at least one of the major mindmap companies whose format is somehow “achievable” with even a bit of effort.

Otherwise… Please upgrade your mindmap tool so that it is easier to interconnect mindmaps, invert nodes or have at least a modicum of the functions that most free / paid mindmap tools have. It would really be a boost for the product and extend the quantity of use cases.  If you’re measuring current importance/demand based on usage of the mindmap tool now...I’d be interested to see it. If it’s low - it might be because of the limited funcionality currently offered.


Thanks. Loving the rest of the tool and have referred it to clients, etc.

I am using FreeMind localy and would be great if miro could import it

Hi there!

My first post.  Just discovered Mind Mapping through Miro … and very excited by its capabilities.  But so sad to discover that it doesn’t appear possible to import from software like Mind Node etc.

Is there anyway at least to generate a whole bunch of nodes from pasting text?  That would save A LOT of time in recreating previously drawn mind maps, as other software often allows you to export as text files…

Thanks - Patrick


Missing ability to import / export is one of the main reasons I’m not using Miro more. What is it worth to create a lot of content in Miro if I can’t be sure I still can access it in a few years time. 

It’s a big setback that can’t import my mindmaps, I’ve tons of it. impossible to recreate all of that


actually, more dangerous not being able to export.


please work on that asap


keep it up

Plus 100 for the import/export OPML


Ability to bring in ‘synthesized information’ (mindmap) and leverage it for collaboration is fundamental


Equally important after getting all those minds to refine the info, export it (for example to Project planning sw)

It would be great to be able to import mindmaps from Mindmeister to Miro. This is a key feature that is missing

Yes, being able to import mind-maps (in my case from XMind) is very important. Key missing feature for a collaborative tool that supports mind-maps

i agree. being able to import mind-maps (XMind8) is very important.  Key missing feature for a collaborative tool that supports mind-maps. Would help many company’s saing goodbye to other mindmapping tools and standardize to Miro. 

definitely really need an import and export function for Mind maps. mindnode, imindmap, xmind, freemind, opml, thebrain etc!!!  this should be essential in update.  I have many outside maps that prevent me from using Miro more. 

would also be nice to autocrop a picture or graphic to be background in individual cells to make less cluttered. 

@Cliff Hume ' 

I like to see flexibility that the MindMapping process reflects:



or like this:


or like this:

As long as I’m not so flexible I have to use other tools for MindMapping because my MindMaps are looking better and reflecting my way of thinking better than the MindMap-tool of miro.


Echoing what others have said. I’m almost broken-hearted by Miro’s inability to bring in or send out a hierarchical set-up like a mind map. collaborative mind-maps are a great way to make  a document, so exporting an outline for a word processor would be brilliant. A lot of standard features in mind map tools need to find their way in to Miro, or you need an API that can let us fill in the gaps..

Use cases:

  1. making a hierarchical mind map that will become a document. Export as word document outline
  2. import from other mind map tools using standard formats
  3. export to other formats (especially important if Miro gets bought or eaten, or otherwise vanishes from the internet) We have all been burned repeatedly. I have several maps that have been imported then exported as various tools appear and disappear.

@Marina & @Curtis James & @Rick Austin & @Dan York & @WebSavvy & @ng110 & @swensonia & @VioF & @Amateur66 & @torsten & @Mahmoud Darweash  & @Xavi & @Andy Pearce & @Sharath Bennur & @Cliff Hume ' & @Joeri Bruneel & @Rodney Berry 


I hate it to say but iMindMap has changed into Ayoa - it’s moved from an offlinetool to a totally oriented onlineplatform.

The MindMapping features are a … not so flexible as it was in iMindMap but a lot better than miros MindMapping features. Therefore i never moved from iMindMap to Ayoa but if you get an App for miro just like unsplash or the iconfinder it would be great:

An app for:

  • Mindmeister
  • iMindMap
  • MindManager
  • Mindomo
  • Ayoa
  • MindNode
  • FreeMind
  • XMind
  • OPML
  • TheBrain
  • … your MindMapping-Tool

Please mironeers make this happen




@Marina & @Curtis James & @Rick Austin & @Dan York & @WebSavvy & @ng110 & @swensonia & @VioF & @Amateur66 & @torsten & @Mahmoud Darweash  & @Xavi & @Andy Pearce & @Sharath Bennur & @Cliff Hume ' & @Joeri Bruneel & @Rodney Berry 

I’d like to add my voice to the requests for importing features that all us to bring work created on other platforms (mindmeister, xmind, Mindomo) onto your platform. thanks for listening

Import using a structured CSV format for journeys, service blueprints, mindmaps, etc. should be relatively straight-forward. As far as I can tell the diagrams are drawn using a relationship-graph internally. So that structured data should be importable in some form. 

The key request of all the notes above is to have a structured format that can be populated externally and imported into Miro for those diagrams to be generated. 

Is there no way for Miro to support this or even have it on the roadmap?

This is important not only for importing from other tools, but also for programmatically drawing Miro diagrams perhaps via the API calls.

As a first step it could be sufficient to import /copy-paste from Excel to generate a mindmap. For now I can only generate a set of postits. If I could select a target format (mind map) that would be cool.

Another MindNode user here with tons of maps I’d like to import. OPML import/export should be relatively straightforward.

I’m a MindNode user and I’d like to import my maps as well