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Is there a way to follow a user zoomed into them? Similar to Figma. We can see what s/he is doing.

Hi Andrew, my name is Kate, I am a Product Manager at Miro. Let me help you with that. Currently, we do not have such functionality. But you can click on the user avatar and moved to the place at the board where s/he is currently working. Or you can use a Screen sharing plugin

I am very curious about your use-case, can you share a bit more about it? Do you mind to set up a quick call about that?

Hi Kate,

I also discovered the feature Andrew talked on Mural.
It’s fantastic during workshop or collaboration with many people in quite big board. As a person, you can ask other to follow you and the board will always be focused on where I have my mouse so I’m sure they all look at the right place during the necessary time. 

Example here:

Would be a killer feature!

Hi Sylvain, 
Indeed, I see how this feature can empower the workshop or remote meeting. That is why we are currently developing something new in this direction. Do you want to take part in beta- testing?

Hi Sylvain, 
Indeed, I see how this feature can empower the workshop or remote meeting. That is why we are currently developing something new in this direction. Do you want to take part in beta- testing?

Hi Kate,

I came here just to find out if this feature exists. We’re looking at Miro and Mural at the moment and Miro is missing this feature. Could we please beta-test? We are looking at virtual training and need to take 15+ people through the board. “Follow me” is essential as constantly clicking on the avatar icon with that many people on the board is very cumbersome. 


I would also be interested in beta testing the summon and follow capability. I have been using Mural for months and I don’t know how I can do without this! Sharing in a video chat is way too cumbersome! 

Hey Kate, I/we would love to take part in the beta testing too!

In Invision, this was such a natural feature and I really feel like it’s missing here

Hi @Kate Ivanova could you also invite me to beta-test this feature? Cheers

The feature in Mural is so helpful.  My sessions would have better control with it in Miro :)

Hi Kate,

I’d love to see the summon feature in Miro too. And Beta test it.

See my Miro Vs Mural blog post:




Hi @Olly,

very good blog :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: - thank you for sharing!!!!


Yeah @Olly that's such a kickass helpful blog post, thanks! I too have drawn similar conclusions and figured that once Miro has improved the facilitator features (summon and follow) it will jump even further ahead of Mural. 

Hi @Kate Ivanova ,

I’d love to beta test the summon feature in Miro, too.

Michael Jonas

Hi everyone!

So happy you’re willing to help and try our new features about managing the attention of participants. I am very excited!
We are preparing to start beta in the near future, I will DM you for next steps!

Thank you!

Hi Kate,

I am also interested in testing this feature.


@Kate Ivanova ,
thanks for the fast reply, looking forward to hear from you :)


Yes we definitely need a summon feature -- as we are getting started in Miro I am teaching people how to use the frames menu to navigate, and ask them to join us on frame X join the activity -- but this can cause frustration for lost users. 

I would also like to use this to have people follow along in training as we flip from slide to slide in a presentation before bringing them to a frame for a practical exercise.



Mike Owens

@Kate Ivanova I would also love to be invited to this features beta! I am a PM, and so so many ideation Workshops with miro

@Kate Ivanova I would love to be invited to the summons beta testing!

Hi @Kate Ivanova I would love to be invited to the beta testing! In our company we are currently debating about whether to purchase Miro or Mural and this would be the biggest differentiator!

@Andrew Callander, @andyvdg, @Sylvain Egger; @Michael Blacklock, @Olly, @Dennis Skinner, @Staus, @Paul McGregor, @Michael Jonas, @Mike Owens, @Rebecca Cotton, @Sharon Chestnut, @Marieke :

They have made it - and created a solution:

Thank you miro :clap::stars::sparkler::boom::dizzy:


Yes, @mlanders! I just used it in a workshop today and it worked beautifully! Just what I needed! THANK YOU, MIRO!

@mlanders Thank you for this! I have one comment though, the ‘Bring to me’ doesn’t seem forced. Any collaborator or guest can still stop following you whenever they want and go on exploring themselves. Is this correct or am I missing something? 

@Kate Ivanova Is the comment above something you have more information on? Thank you very much in advance!

@Marieke Hi there! You’re right. “Bring to me” forces participants to your place on the board but they can easily stop following you. I am really happy to know more about your use-case and to hear your feature request. I’ll text you in DM.