Figma integration

Figma integration in the Miro marketplace.

Figma integration in the Miro marketplace.

This plugin’s not official, but it’s reliable to sync your Figma design to Miro

Figmiro doesn’t seem to support the Enterprise version (Single Sign On) of Miro at this moment?

Figmiro doesn’t work with the Enterprise version. Any ideas?

Figmiro doesn’t work with Enterprise Figma/Miro utilizing SSO.  
There should be an SSO sign-in option for Figmiro.

Same here… Figmiro doesn't work with SSO. 

apparently the solution is taking screenshots from Figma and then pasting it on Miro… :l 

Is there anything about doing it the other way around?

Much of user research data and PM stuff is done in Miro but designers spend their time in Figma. Right now they copy things over corss-check between the two. For many people other than designers, the learning curve and £££ of Figma is not worth. Some way of embedding Miro frames or cards/post its in Figma that is ‘live’ would be magical.

Hi @Marius Ursu @Reza Faiz Atta Rahman @Jiyoung Son @Thibault @Joanna Kleinschmidt @Flavio Lamenza @Vita Mangan and everyone,

Happy to announce that Miro plugin for Figma (formerly known as FigMiro) is now available in Miro Marketplace! Check it out :bulb:


Please share your experience in this thread :wink: