Extract Pages and automatically create frames

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I would like to bring in PPTX and PDF documents into Miro and then use Miro’s collaboration tools for presentations and gaining feedback.  Some of these documents can get quite large (many pages).

I love the ability to extract pages from imported documents, but it would be awesome if Miro would automatically create a frame around each extracted page and group the frame and page together.

This would provide near-instant ability to present the imported content.

It would drive an easy use case to import and begin to leverage Miro for traditional PowerPoint users.

It would increase Miro’s user base inside major corporations locked into the PowerPoint ecosystem.

I agree


& if combined with mural like ability to mark frames as invisible till selected by presenter it would be very useful

I was thinking of this exact feature, I love it!


I would also like to be able to ‘always’ extract all pages.  I personally never want to extract a specific page but always want to exact all pages.  This adds an extra click in the workflow and would prefer to be able to change a setting to always extract all pages.

An additional option of "add frame" during the extraction process would be great! But at a minimum, the option to Create frame for a selected group of objects would be handy in even more scenarios.

For any readers who don't know, you can create a frame around (almost any) object by selecting it and then selecting Create frame:


+1 !


I'd like to be able to import a PDF document with multiple pages, extract every single page and set a frame on top of each of those pages so that I can use the whole project as a replacement for powerpoint etc. Currently the extraction process works properly but setting frames on top of the pages crashes the process since the frames don't fit to the pages. I'd have to fix every frame manually to aim the goal.

It’d also be nice if the frames created from PDF were the exact size of the PDF…. Having an extra boarder around it makes it very messy to present. 

I think create frame can be optional on import. Sometimes you don´t want that. So for e.g.


Support this 100%! And I would also support the other ideas here:

  • No extra border for frames! If you want to print the result it’s quite annoying. We have board with a lot of frames in order to print them accurately and you have to 1. create a frame for each object and 2. adjust the frame to the exact size of the object.
  • Create individual frames when multiple objects are selected (and not one frame around all selected objects)

@Frank W - There is an app called Framer that will put a frame around each object that is selected, unlike Miro’s Create frame action which puts one frame around all of the selected objects.

Just note that: Once you place Frames around all objects, in order for them to be bound/linked to the frames, you need to move the selected objects just a little bit, otherwise if you try to drag a frame, the page won’t move with the frame. This is a limitation that will hopefully be fixed by year end. Here it is in action:

  1. extract all eleven pages of a .pptx file
  2. Frame them using Framer
  3. and them move down just a bit and back up (to attach/bind them to the frames).



The Framer download link can be found in this post:


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment about this feature. We appreciate your patience. Our team is reviewing this idea as it continues to be open for votes and comments.
For those coming across this idea, if you feel this would be helpful for you or your business, please be sure to vote for it and leave a comment about your use case to help our team scope this request!

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