Crop a PDF

Would be great to be able to crop a pdf. Similar to Indesign.

@Zach Bark -

A PDF is often multiple pages so how would this cropping work in the case of a multi-page document?


Hey @Kiron Bondale ,


If it were a multi-page document you would crop the entire document the same way. However if it were an extracted PDF, like most of my particular work is, you would be able to crop each PDF page independently. It works this way in Indesign and is very effective. I am an architect just an FYI.


In Indesign the integration of multiple pages Pdf’s isnt very convenient. Miro could also enhance it by making easy to change the page to display (in cas of multiple page pdf doc)

The cropping would crop the entire multiple page doc (which has often a similar layout on every page : margins, illustrations location on the page) 


As an architect, looking forward for this feature ;)