Copy/Paste locked element

I understand that we can lock elements on the board to prevent them from moving/editing.

Sometimes I happen to have a locked background shape with unlocked shapes and texts on top of it. When I select this big element of content, copy it and then paste to a new location in the board, only the unlocked elements get pasted.

It’d be great to be able to copy everything selected, keeping the locked/unlocked status of the elements.

Yeah, this is a massive pain.  I often want to duplicate frames within a board for use by different breakout groups and having to unlock/lock everything every time is really frustrating.

Same massive pain. A special select would be nice.

I would reclassify this as a defect “unable to copy/paste locked elements”.

Agree with @Dave Kelly -- being able to copy a frame and keeping the locked things locked and the unlocked things unlocked would be really helpful in setting up a set of identical frames so that each small group or person has their own to work on. Did this get added to wish list?

Wanted to add another that requires ability to copy/paste (or duplicate) a locked object.  We have a list (group) of objects with text that we want participants to place on a larger object.  In a live conference room, it would be like giving them all a stack of custom stickers to be placed on a flip chart. 

My thought was to create the objects and have them “ctrl-d” to duplicate the “stickers” so they can place them.  I want to lock the objects so a participant doesn’t accidentally takes the “list” away.

Any other ideas on how to do this? 

@Stephen Chew You should be able to do this already. Users can duplicate locked objects, and then place the duplicate. You’ll have to lock each “sticker” individually instead of as a group if you want them to be able to duplicate one at at time. Try it out!

@MichelleF Thanks!  I did lock all at once and tried to click on an individual object.  


One of the whole ideas of frames is to make it easier to create multiple instances.  Having to relock every item on a complex frame when you copy it really removes most of the value of the frame concept for use in classes!

Created couple of frames to support SAFe PI planning.

It really costs a lot of time to unclock, copy&paste, relock the frames with their content.

Can there be a solution near time ?

The problem appears to be the selection process. When you select via dragging a rectangle around an area, only unlocked item within the bounds of the rectangle are selected.

Locked items can be manually selected and copied/pasted, however only a single locked item can be selected at a time.

In addition, group selection ignores locked items. So if I drag a rectangle around a large area that consists of complex shapes or a large piece of work, then any locked items are not selected, and thus not included in the copy/paste. 

This is incredibly frustrating. One side effect of this is that everything must be unlocked to copy/paste. Which means the copy/paste will not include lock state and makes it a pain if you have to reapply locking and “admin only unlock”.