Bring Me to Start View

The feature to set start view works great for people who have never accessed the board. However, when users have accessed the board before, they re-enter with the same view as they left. If the board is re-designed or lots of content has been added and the user has not accessed it in a while, re-entering can be disorienting. What could be a neat feature is when you left click on your icon, you have an option below “Send Me To Start View.” This would allow the existing user to be brought to the pre-determined start view for new users and be re-oriented. We needed this feature for a past workshop we conducted where the board had several updates and existing users complained that they couldn’t see where they needed to start. 

Quick note, this feature would be helpful outside of meetings where asynchronous work is taking place. I know there is the option to bring everyone to me, but this only works when people are in the board at the same time.


@Gary H -

a current workaround would be to set the start view to an onboarding type Frame - with that, the user can just bring up the Frames panel (bottom left toolbar) and jump to it directly. 


My existing Wish List idea appears to be related:

This is really important for asynchronous work on an infinite board with a lot of content added over time. I want to be able to add new frames, then anyone who goes to the board is immediately in the right place.