Archive Projects & Boards

A bit surprised that no one has requested this simple powerful feature yet, my team’s boards is a total mess, it would be great if we are able to archive Projects mainly, boards archive would be nice to have but it wouldn’t substitute the projects.

This is especially helpful for Agencies and Freelancers who work with many projects a year, right now the only way to keep the directory clean is by by up the projects and deleting them, which is not fun when you have many boards within a project.


You guys are doing a great job with the product, but i really think it’s time to look beyond the board features and look after the directory and the organizational issues a bit, thanks.



@Yousef -

This is a useful enhancement request for sure!

As a workaround, you could use the strategy I’ve recommended before for “hiding” boards, namely, create an Archive project, and just move all the boards you no longer want into it. This works even if you are not the board owner.



the compromise there is that we usually have multiple boards per client so it would be more practical to archive/unarchive projects for future reference, i guess we could go and rename the boards with a certain convention etc, but it just makes you wonder why do we have to go through this process for a simple straightforward feature - or what at least seems to be simple, i hope it will be considered.


nevertheless thanks a lot @Kiron Bondale this is definitely one nice workaround and for the time we can make use of it

+1 for this. We use a separate Miro project for every live online training we do. Each project has a collection of boards and is specific to a different client. We have an unmanageable list of projects - we just want to archive some to an Archive folder!



Oh god, please do it.

I’m only around 20 board and it’s a total mess

Is there any update on this topic? I’m also using Miro for online training. Archiving a project of a workshop would be fantastic (you never know if you need some information from that workshop). 

And hiding projects would be great as well! There is always a high chance that I share the screen with Miro’s project tree by mistake. Workshop participants could then see all my other projects (as well as the ones that team members shared with me).


Is there any update on this?  My team and I are currently evaluating Miro. While we like the whiteboard aspect, there is no organization within Miro.  This is a need from our end, rather than a nice to have features. 


Thank you so much!


As many have said, this is a must feature not a nice to have.

Unless you have another elegant way in mind for:

  • organising our content
  • doing that in bulk
  • clean landing page with no diagrams showing
  • hidden/archived projects, not just diagrams
  • Drag and drop would be a fairly basic QoL too

 I do love you though.

We have just upgraded to a paid plan, and the usage of Projects is great, however, within our “Product” Project we are creating a board linked to Jira epics, and hence, once the epic is complete, we want to archive the board… seems like a bit of a no brainer…?

Another request for archiving functionality please.


The product works really well, but without this our list of boards is becoming unwieldy.


Thank you

Adding my thoughts to the archive feature:

Boards are like pieces of art. When I'm done with a board, I want to preserve its state forever, and ever and ever. I'd like a way to mark the board as "ARCHIVED" or "DO NOT EDIT" mode, where I can easily freeze it in time but still refer to it. Think kragle (Lego movie reference) and shrink-wrap it for all of eternity.

thanks :)



Hi All,


Wanted to keep this thread relevant because I also think it is a must have. My company just started using Miro and I think that an archive feature is very necessary. I like the ideas presented in this thread and will bring it back to my peers but I still think the feature on Miro itself would be helpful. 

Year end… Great time to archive!  

It's the same with me.
I also want to archive completed projects. 
Slowly it becomes very confusing with so many projects.
If I then still use meetings which is in the beta phase, then it blows up all registers. When I think that I create a new meeting every 2 days and it shows me every meeting board.

I’m a premium member wanting to archive old boards. I like to build boards for specific short-term projects, but I can’t have them lingering on my dashboard after they’re finished.

I agree with many of the comments above. Miro desperately needs a proper archiving function, not a work-around.


Another upvote here for the archive function. 

I’m running around up voting all the basic admin functions. It seems for some reason the Miro team think that you don’t need basic admin unless you have more than 50 users. 

We are a live-event and activation production company and specialize in experiential activations. Most of our installs are fast and chaotic and so we love the way that we can incorporate asana, and our google sheets, and slides to make our department’s area of the build coherent…. but when that job goes from launch to strike in 3 months the need to keep that completed project on the boards home screen is more distracting than it is beneficial. 

As of right now only my department is using Miro, as well, so we have been using the frames tool to divide our sub departments, rather than make new boards, that way all data is viewable by anyone involved in the build.

Once that board’s relevant project is over…. there’s really no need for it to take up our visual real estate. Some form of archive or folder tree would be absolutely helpful.

We have a paid account, and so the Projects thing is a nice idea, but unless we change it to  “active job” project, “live” project, and “archived” project, its not as useful to us at this time as a true folder tree would be

We’re an enterprise customer, and baffled to learn that this does not yet exist. Please introduce such a basic admin function asap!

The fact that admins cannot delete or archive boards on behalf of other users in a plan that starts at $3600/year is outrageous. This is not cutting edge “enterprise” functionality, this is not a “premium” feature to encourage upgrades to the “call to schedule a meeting for a custom quote” tier. This is baseline functionality for any multi-user tool and should be there on all team plans, if only because Miro’s sales and product teams should be spared the humiliation of knowing most paid users log into a default view dominated by garbage files.

I can’t think of a single other product that has a tier with SAML integration but no way to clean up “Untitled” and “My First Board” boards. Not one.

Am hitting the threshold for needing archive functions as well.


Would be great if Miro could roll this out.

Please make this happen.  I really love using Miro with my teams and teams across our company, and I am very worried that as soon as things get too cluttered (one could argue we are there already), we will lose all of our momentum for using this great tool to collaborate.

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We have a few boards that we used for projects. those projects are done, so we wont be accessing the boards anymore. But we still want to retain the board and all its data.

So an Archive option would be perfect. Much needed actually.
Kind of surprised it does not exist yet.

Just adding my voice to this feature request. It’s long overdue now this thread was started 2 years ago.

I guess I’ll have to try the archive project option in the meantime but it will require renaming the multiple boards we have in each old project.