Allow to change the height of the textbox without an auto adjust of the width

Currently, I can change the width of the text box without adjusting the height, but I can’t do the other way around.

Yes please! When I am creating frameworks or models, there are so many advantages to using a text box so I can have access to those text formatting options. But so many times I have been caught in this game of resizing using the corner of the box, which changes my text size, then horizontally resizing, then changing text size, then resizing again until it fits. 

This would all be so much easier if we could resize horizontally or vertically without it changing the text size. I would not mind if the corner resizes changed txt size as long as the vertical and horizontal adjustment did not.


Sharing this here too. While I do want to see independent horizontal/vertical resizing for text objects, I have been doing the following for so long I can’t remember now.

Quite some time ago now I defaulted to using the rectangle shape object for just this very reason. To mimic the text object, I set the border to none and the justification to top and left. I’m not sure if I’m missing out on some of the text object functionality, but the shape object has been working for me just fine.


@Rob Johnson, yep, that is the workaround currently. The shapes just don’t have bullets, numbering, or indentation of text. It’s not a killer, as there are a few workarounds, but sometimes you do want a nice ordered list.

That being said, the alignment within shapes is better than in text boxes. In a shape, you can left, right, or center justify, as well as chose top, middle or bottom.  In text boxes, all you can do is left, right or center...the text is always top justified. 

Sticky notes are just in a world of their own for formatting:)


Why oh why is the function of shapes ‘slugged’?

It would be so much easier for the devs and for users learning the UI if all shapes took all text and sizings/ re-size the same way

Miro’s developers must have a nightmare code base and rule set too - so much simpler (and good design) to have uniform capability

who are the miro folk to “@” to draw attention?

Added my vote!!  Never thought it’d be possible to fail making a simple text box, but looks like Miro managed to do it :)

Another workaround: Enter some new lines after your text, i.e., the <Enter> key?