Ability to create flowcharts in the BPMN language in Miro


It would be great to be able to use Miro to create flowchart in the BPMN language and optimize my company's processes. Is there any possibility of doing this?

Hi Jéssica,

There are different Templates that you can use and maybe there is something that you can use as a basic from to start with:







Hey Michael!

Unfortunately, none of these templates can help me with the construction of flowcharts in the BPMN language. BPMN has specifics symbols that don't exist in Miro. I was wondering if it's possible to import these symbols to the platform. Is this possible?



Hi Jèssica,

maybe you can search in the different Iconsets for similar graphics that you can use.
Often they helped me a lot:



Hi Jéssica,

additonal you can make screenshots of those elements with the snipping-tool in windows or with snagit or something similar and bring them into your miro board.


I have the same problem. Unfortunately the templates don’t have what I need (e.g. events, recurring tasks, subprocesses, different types of gateway). Snipping in elements doesn’t work either, because I can’t write text inside them.

I’d also like to be able to lock the swimlane titles on the left, similar to how you can lock the first column in a spreadsheet. :cry:

Hi Jack & Jéssica,

do you can post the kind of graphics you are looking for and where the text is impelmented?
So i will have a better understandig of what you are thinking of.

And what exactly should the result look like?




Hi togeher,

on my search for different symbols of BPMN I found different symbols.

Just like this one here:



I created this here in miro out of a rounded rectangle shape and a combination with icons and grouped them together.


So you are always able to change the written letters inside:



As long as there is no complete icon-lybrary for BPMN I would use a workaround with:

Grouping different symbols together to your own lybrary and save them as a template into miro.


+1 on this. Would be great to have BPMN icons. The solutions that Michael has shared seem like a lot of work. Easier to use a BPMN tool until Miro improves this.

Thanks Michael. That looks a bit fiddly but is better than nothing. Thanks again.

Thanks, Michael!


I’ll love Miro more if they improve it, but this also seems like a good palliative solution to me. Thank you again!


Is there a way to generate flow charts programmatically? I currently Generate a flowchart description from our internal finite state machines and use graphviz to generate flowchart diagrams. But it would be awesome if I could generate miro charts and integrate them into our documentation, etc.

Any news about native BPMN or IDEF0/IDEF3 support?
t’s looks like good feature for modeling business process. 

I love Miro because it provide comfortable way to fast modeling and sharing info. Without BPMN templates (blocks and links) fast and comfort work does’t possible. I don’t like create BPMN blocks by grouping object, it’s hard to mainain. Basic bpmn blocks and connections is really required - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_Process_Model_and_Notation for information (or more complex - https://www.omg.org/spec/BPMN/2.0/PDF)


Good example - 


And awesome implementation — https://demo.bpmn.io/new
But without collaborative editing and not so cool as miro :)

+1 on this. A template with swimlanes would be a start.

Hi. Tell me please, what is the status of this issue?

My company develops software that helps clients to automate their business processes… documenting and talking about those processes using BPMN helps to reduce the ambiguity that often derails conversations about what is actually being done before we implement… and what will be done after we implement our solutions. Traditionally we would be face-to-face with a client, and discuss these workflows in an interactive conference room session. I’d very much like to use Miro to re-create the interactivity of those sessions… but I need the standard palate of BPMN symbols & objects. The workarounds presented here are a good start. I’d like to see the existing “card” object extended and used for this purpose… it could also be scraped to provide dynamic documentation of the process.

+1 for this too.  BPMN contains industry standard notation, which is extremely useful to convey complex processes with minimum ambiguity.  Any indication if/when this might be made available as it would greatly enrich an already great solution.

also LOVE Miro. Sad to see, it is not supporting BPMN, :-(

Searching for the same, I realized that there is a new template called Swimlane Diagram. The closest to BPMN yet.

I love Camunda (where we create BPMN) and was hoping Miro might consider building such flow type functionality (it just works without being overly complicated).

Does any one found a BPMN service like https://demo.bpmn.io/new  butwith collaborative editing ? While we are waiting the Miro will add this feature

O wow guys I found perfect solution :

1 - All BPMN shapes 

2 - Fast suggestions for connection

3 - Import other diagrams

4 - Collaborative editing



Don't thank)

@Alexander Litvinenko :

And the best is: you can embed the diagram via Webtool and its shown directly:


Even if you update your board … @mironeers: This is exact how implementing other boards via iframe should work. 


Hey all, 


I love BPMN and love Miro … so I resonated strongly with this issue. 

One of the primary things I do is build Miro Plug-ins… And creating a BPMN icon pallet plugin seemed like a fun, potentially valuable, and easy win … at least on a functional prototype level anyway. Miro actually had an example plugin for draggable-icon-pallet that I was able to adapt- so this took but a few hours.  I hope it might be helpful. 





Demo Video: 



Would you like to test it out?

I can’t share the install link publicly in the forum, but If you direct message me I can send you an install link. 


I’m always very interested in co-creating with this community - so if you have improvement ideas for this, or other dreams for Miro plugins… please let me know - it would be awesome to collaborate.   




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