Share Miroversity Live ‘24 Feedback & Win 🏆

  • 24 January 2024
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Share Miroversity Live ‘24  Feedback & Win 🏆
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Miro Community, Join the Miroversity Live ‘24 conversation and enter for a chance to win! 


Join us today for a full day of enlightening sessions during Miroversity Live ‘24, where you'll gain invaluable insights and practical skills to harness the full power of Miro. Whether you're a seasoned Miro user or just getting started, Miroversity Live '24 has something for everyone and we can’t wait to hear what you think!. Answer the below question in the comments by January 31st for a chance to win a free Miro tote bag and stickers!   


Q: Which Miroversity Live ‘24 session or speaker has been the most impactful in helping you harness the power of Miro? 




Be sure to also share any ideas on how we can improve the overall experience too! Our team will be watching the comments to learn more about you and can’t wait to give all who participate this free gift! 


It's time to chart your course from vision to execution with Miro as your compass and we hope you enjoy Miroversity Live ‘24!

3 replies

Hello everyone  - during the Miroversity Live - there was a brief overview using MIRO ASSIST where a retrospective board was quickly developed using a nautical theme.  DOES anyone know where I can find that recording...please.?

Hi @Nancy Mustachio! Sounds like you are referring to the AI powered retrospectives lighting talked played in between sessions! You can view it here: 


Yes..perfect!  thank you!!