New to Miro? Check out these helpful resources

  • 18 March 2021
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New to Miro? Check out these helpful resources
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Have just registered with Miro and would like to understand what’s the best way to begin your journey with us? Since you’re reading this, you’ve already done the first step and we’re happy to guide you further!

:pencil2: For those who have recently started exploring Miro, we have helpful resources in our Help Center. Go to the pages below:

:pencil2:  Visit Miro Academy where you’ll find a course that will make you a Miro power user! Kick off your onboarding with the basic course Getting Started with Miro and expand your knowledge by checking out others.

:pencil2:  Register for Miro webinars and virtual events. We hold weekly webinars for new users - sign up here to join us next Thursday.

:pencil2:  Open Template Library where we offer more than 150 pre-made templates designed for multiple use cases.

:pencil2:  Finally, we will be happy to meet you in Miroverse - our Community Templates Gallery where Miro users share their beautiful boards. Choose a category and start exploring!

4 replies

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Thanks a ton, Vlada, this is very helpful!
Do we have a text or PDF Miro Quickstart Guide, where all the info for beginners is in a single book/file?
Many smiles and much metta,
Rohi {🙂}

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Hi @Rohi Shetty 


I wanted share our Spotlight | Miro Beginner Guide, which you may find helpful! The board has an option to read the guide directly from the board or download the PDF directly below! 


-- Jo

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Hi Jo @Jovonee King,
Thanks a TON! I’ve downloaded it.
Many smiles and much metta,
Rohi 👏

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 smiles and Appreciation 👏