How to onboard new workshop and meeting participants to Miro?

  • 4 November 2020
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Hey everyone! 


Matt here from the customer education team. We have been getting a lot of questions about the best way to help new users become familiar with Miro (especially those who are less familiar with canvas tools) when running a collaborative session.


In our Miro Academy course on Facilitating Virtual Workshops, we have created the video below specifically for this audience that you can send in advance of your workshop or interactive meeting. You can take the full course by logging in with any Miro account (it’s free). 


I hope you enjoy and get a lot of value out of this resource

Kind regards, 

Matt and CEd Team



7 replies

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@Matt Mulholland  Keep at it!   This is great and very helpful!   Training up the visual-thinking revolution! 

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@Matt Mulholland - Thanks for sharing! I really liked this video and had shared the Wistia link to a number of people, but I was always a bit nervous that the link would suddenly stop working one day. I’m glad to know it for sure has a permanent home on the Miro Academy site. I will definitely be referring Miro newbies to this course!

How can I share this directly on my board, so I can show it to participants at the start of the workshop? There’s a great way to insert an iframe with a YouTube video. I’d love to do the same with this video instead. Thanks!

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@Kim Schlossberg - Here's one link that should work:


Thanks so much!


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@Kim Schlossberg Yes! Just paste the link Robert gave you and it should play inside the board. I edited the original post so that it’s easier for others to get the link. 

Yep - it works great! Thanks so much!