How to collaborate with your clients in Miro

  • 9 March 2020
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Hi there! :wave:

My name is Kate, I am a Product Manager for Consultant Solution at Miro.

I want to share some use-cases and ideas about the ways of collaboration with clients in Miro:

1. Workshops
It is easy to set up the client workshop in Miro. You can use Day Passes for one-time collaborators (so you don’t need to buy a full license) and tools to facilitate a workshop (timer, voting, video chat, screen sharing). Here is a helpful How-to video about making a workshop in Miro, worth watching if you’ve already made a lot of workshops or in the process of preparation for the first one. 

2. Brainstorming sessions
Miro is easy to use for an ideation process, usually, I use stickies and a mind map. You can have some boards for your ideas only, some boards for generating ideas with your team and a special board for discussing ideas with your client.

3. Content hub, getting feedback
Miro is great as a single hub for all relevant documents, diagrams, pictures and so on. You can have the whole client project in one board: with all the documentation, tasks, deadlines. It is super easy to share this board with the client for commenting, so you will get feedback, and your client won’t need to visit different sites and sources to see the statuses and up-to-date files. 


Hope that helps! :smiley:

I'd love to hear how you use Miro when collaborating with your clients. Share your use-cases, best tips, what other tools you use, how you manage your account and what type of work you use Miro for - or not! It is super interesting to know your collaboration hacks!


3 replies

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Hi Kate,

I’m using Miro since 2014. So many boards, many use cases. A lot of experience. I would dare to say I introduced about a 1000 people to miro. But I’m still on a legacy premium plan. So far it was sufficient for my consulting and teaching requirements.

With the corona crisis all around us, it’s maybe a good time to do an upgrade. I was wondering how the video chat works with users I collaborate with now (which don’t have a Miro paid plan). Will it be available for them or do they have to be paid users? These are clients and external experts.

Next to that I collaborate with two freelancers on separate projects all the time. Remotely and/or in the same building. Do they need a paid plan too?

Another question is on using Miro as a brainstorming tool with other designers. What is the ideal way of working collaboratively with sketching? Now I need to sketch somthing in a external program and cut and paste it into Miro.

looking forward to your reply


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Hey Adriaan,

Video chat is available only for paid plan users but those who have commenters or viewer rights can join the video chat as well, they just can’t start it and they need to manually turn on microphone and camera. Here is some info about the feature. 

As for the collaboration with other freelancers: you can start from a Free plan, as it gives you an unlimited number of collaborators but a limited number of boards. But anyway those collaborators should be in one team have access and edit the same board.

As for brainstorming and sketching in Miro, I’d suggest you check our integrations maybe there is something that can help you here 
And for me, the greatest one is Zapier integration cause it gives you a lot of freedom. But also there are Sketch, InVision, our own wireframe library

Hmmm… I want to be able to set up boards for my client groups to edit. they could be anonymous participants but they need to be able to generate sticky notes etc. Sometimes I am talking about large numbers of participants, from 10 to 60. I do not want to pay for day passes for everyone.

Our little company has a few consultants and trainers who can use miro (or other tools).

Currently i have a teams plan. the suggestion is to use the consultant plan. the problem we have with the teams plan is: it is expensive for us because every added user is a paid member for another $12 (or is it $15?). We are not a big rich company. how do i engage clients and trainees and associates without always having to add paid members?