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  • 5 March 2020
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Did you happen to read this post in the MiroBlog? It describes how Dell is promoting collaboration and project visibility.

As companies are trying to become more customer-centric in a competitive market, their leadership becomes more open to change. Many leading companies are abandoning traditional modes of work for a more collaborative and design-centric culture. 

Dell — a leading computer technology company with 145,000 employees around the world — understands the value of design thinking and implements it across different teams. We sat down with several Dell employees to learn how they redesigned their processes, and how they integrated Miro into their workflow to reach more transparency.


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2 replies

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If Miro was coming public today, I’d be buying the stock with both hands.:heart_eyes:  

The virus has really brought home the need (and ability) of distributed, but collaborative teamwork, for companies large and small.  It’s something that companies like Dell, with worldwide offices had already discovered. And, it’s something that in my pre-PC days, I would have loved to participate in, rather than boarding a plane in Las Vegas at O’dark-thirty, to spend a day at HQ in Los Angeles, only to arrive home at 10PM.  And, don’t even get me started on the driving part from LAX to Wilshire Blvd, and back again….all during drive-times.  I’m probably only 43.  I just look 73. Road wear!!

In addition to the cultural changes that the virus introduces (elbow bumping, bowing, etc), more than any issue to date, it brings home both the necessity and capability of on-line collaboration.  The world will never be the same. 

There’s a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives.  Well, the world was ready. Thank goodness programs like Miro had already arrived.

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Thank you @ArkyBoy for your support! :blush:

I wish Miro appeared earlier and saved you a lot of hours! :watch: