Ask an Indeed Career Coach Anything

  • 17 August 2023
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Ask an Indeed Career Coach Anything
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Miro teamed up with Indeed, the leading job site in the world, to create dynamic resume and cover letter Miroverse templates packed with tips from the experts. Whether you’re embarking on your first ever job search; looking for your next opportunity following a layoff; or just making sure your documents are ready to go, these templates will help you feel confident in your pursuits. 


💡Indeed Resume Template: This editable resume template includes thought exercises and insider tips to help take the guesswork out of crafting a resume from scratch. 


💡Indeed Cover Letter Template:  Loaded with industry-specific examples and a space for brainstorming, this cover letter template showcases ways to share accomplishments, experience, and goals with future employers. 


Jamie Birt, expert Career Coach is here to answer all your career and job search related questions. 


Ask Jamie about…

  • Creating a resume that will get noticed
  • Preparing for an upcoming interview
  • Approaching salary negotiation
  • Finding a company that aligns with your goals & values


Jamie will be here on 8/30 responding to all your questions LIVE under this post.  Be sure to sign up for the event and check out the templates above and share with a friend. 

32 replies

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What do you think about remote work, and how available remote positions are? And when in recruitment process should i mention that i want flexibilty or remote work and that it is a deal breaker.

Hi lamia!
Remote and hybrid positions are definitely more available now than pre-pandemic. I suggest searching for companies that are fully remote or offer hybrid work schedules (if you’re open to that). If you’re using simply put the position you’re seeking in the “What” box and “remote” in the “Where” box. This will surface positions that are designated as remote!

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Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us, Jamie! 

Thank you for having me!

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@Jamie Birt Thank you so much for sharing such thoughtful and insightful tips with our Miro Community today! The Indeed resources and Miroverse templates you shared today are invaluable and I hope many can learn how to apply your advice in making their next best career move!

Any chance there’s a recording of the session? I wasn’t able to get out of bed 😴 

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Any chance there’s a recording of the session? I wasn’t able to get out of bed 😴 

Hi Luke! Sorry we missed you but hope you’re feeling well rested 😴 This AMA with our Indeed expert was not recorded but a written async discussion in the thread of this post. We hope to have Jamie and other experts back in the future. In the meantime, please take a look through this thread for tips and ideas on how to make your next best career move! 

I’m interested in two fields right now and plan on going into one of them in the future, IT and law enforcement, IT is very lucrative but I’m not as interested in IT as much as LE, specifically what interests me is forensics and investigation, I’m not cut out for college and dropped out years ago, I dont plan on going back but I’d invest in my education if I feel like I really needed to for my career, are there any entry level jobs I could get into for either of these fields to scope them out? Help desk for example. Or if I wanted to become a security guard or night surveillance camera operator in the meantime what steps should I take to become one?

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👋🏻 Hi everyone! McCall from the Miro community team here. 

It’s been almost a whole year since our Miro + Indeded Miroverse collaboration. Since these templates were published in June 2023, they’ve been viewed by over 23,000 people worldwide. The resume template was the 5th most copied (aka most used) template across all of Miroverse in 2023. 👏🏼

I want to check in to see if any of you have a success story in your career journey after using the resume and cover letter Indeed Miroverse templates. Perhaps you landed some interviews at your dream companies after submitting your ATS-friendly resume, or crafted an A+ cover letter with the help from the expert tips in the template. I would love to connect with you to hear your story.

We’re always looking to learn from YOU to keep building great resources just like these templates.  I’d also love to send you some special Miro swag as a thanks! Please feel free to reach out to me directly here or at


Looking forward to connecting with you and wish you all the best in your careers.


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