Leadership & People Development in Miro? Why not!

  • 12 July 2021
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There’s so much more to Miro than just #whiteboarding or collaborative work! That’s what I believe in and I’m actively trying to push Miro’s boundaries. Especially now that many of us are working in hybrid or fully remote environments, doesn’t it make sense to create a ‘Third Place’ in the clouds to interact and engage, people to people?

If you’re interested to understand how Miro can be used as people leader or in people development, do join us at our next APAC VMUG event on 21 July 5pm (GMT+8)

More details in the link. Oh, PS. We’re experimenting with milk produce too. Come join!

Register for the event here: https://events.miro.com/events/details/miro-apac-presents-leadership-people-development-in-hybrid-virtual-workplaces/


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