Upcoming Workshop: Getting Started with Miro's Developer Platform

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Miro Developer Platform Workshop: How to Build Apps that Unlock Collaboration for Millions of People

Date:  Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022, 5 pm CEST
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If you joined us at Miro Next, you know about our recent launch of our Developer Platform. To keep the conversation going, we’re hosting a series of workshops illustrating in-depth each of our platform’s unique capabilities.


With Miro’s Developer Platform 2.0 you can:

  • Create solutions that leverage libraries of images, assets, and more
  • Visualize relationships between data across systems:  generate an org chart using data from a spreadsheet
  • Create content from other services and platforms, like quickly adding sticky notes from the phone on the board using a QR code
  • Bring meetings to life with interactive ice breaker apps


Join Miro Developer Advocates, Will Bishop and Addison Schultz, to explore how you can unlock collaboration with Miro’s new Developer Platform — by building an app or integration that empowers our global community of over 35 million users.


With hands-on examples, you’ll learn how to get building with our:

You'll leave knowing how to quickly start calling our SDK and API endpoints and developing an app or integration of your own on Miro. Oh, and bring all your burning questions — we’ll have time to dive in!



William Bishop

Will is a Developer Advocate at Miro and passionate about all things API and the interconnectedness of web applications.

Addison Schultz

Addison is a Developer Advocate at Miro and has a background in front-end web development and design.


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