Unpredictable results from GetBoards REST API

  • 27 February 2024
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Good afternoon,

I am trying to call the REST API manually for testing purposes, but I noticed that I get unpredictable results. I currently have 3 boards. Board TEST 3 was just created moments ago.

However, the API returns that there are only 2 boards available. I have run this directly on the documentation sandbox to make sure the problem wasn’t with my calls. I still get consistent results and the board TEST 3 is not present in the JSON response.

All three boards have read/write permission with the Developer team that I created for this testing purpose, so they are accessible (or they should be). At some point and after trying the GET request several times, without changing anything with the boards (I think I’ll be waiting for something like a couple minutes), the third board will appear.

Deleting a board seems to have an instantaneous change within the database, therefore if I call the API after deleting a board, it will disappear at the following API call. However, trying to re-add a board will eventually show the same problem (the third board is not visible to the API for quite some time).

I have also noticed sometimes that I’d get inconsistent results (two subsequent calls will return a wrong number of boards despite no changes happening within the application). This is an example of how I encountered this issue, and the API behavior:

  • Three boards (A,B,C) are present in my profile
  • API from Miro sandbox returns 3 boards (A,B,C)
  • I delete board C
  • API from Miro sandbox returns 2 boards (A,B)
  • I re-add board C
  • API from Miro sandbox returns 1 board (B)
  • Calling again after a minute or so, API from Miro sandbox still returns only 2 boards (A,B), as board A re-appeared in the response
  • Calling again after a couple more minutes, API from Miro returns all three (A,B,C) so the correct status is preceded by two incorrect ones.

I don’t seem to be able to get consistent and updated information from the API when I call it. Do you know what this could be caused by?

Thanks in advance


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