Miro - where teams get no events?

  • 4 August 2021
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I am talking about the Miro web plugin SDK and its capabilities.

The main Miro landing page talks about how great Miro is for teams and collaboration. So you can imagine my surprise to learn that the SDK events are only for single user boards. There are no events for changes to the board made by my team!

What makes this even more bizarre, is that these events do exist under the hood. When a team member moves a widget around, I can see it moving around on my Miro board. When a team member creates a new widget, it immediately appears in my view too!

So I’m left only to speculate why these events aren’t propagated through the SDK and instead the SDK gets filtered events of only actions that I myself have done.

Please tell me there are plans to add SDK event support for boards used by more than one person. It would allow for much more advanced and live collaboration oriented plugins.


PS. I am aware of extreme workarounds like building a state machine with a hidden widget, or a state machine on my own server, or just polling for changes at the maximum allowed rate. None of these approaches are as efficient, reliable, or as good of a user experience as event handling. Besides, the events already exist, they are just not forwarded to the SDK.

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Hi @Kaur Kuut,


Very good point you raise here. Our plan is add new “global events” in addition to the “local events” we already have. This is something we are exploring internally in addition to fixing the existing ones (some of them are still experimental and are not stable). Exposing global events in the Web SDK to all developers is not a simple thing, we are working with multiple teams on this. Realistically, this won’t be available in a short term but will take a couple of months before being ready. I will be happy to share more information as soon as the product team made progress on this topic.