How to connect Miro with iinkJS, a handwriting to text recognition plugin?

  • 17 March 2022
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How do we add this handwriting to text recognition as a component into Miro? For mind mapping users like myself, it’s best practice to write/draw your own mindmaps to retain information, but I would also like a format that’s easy to read and neat, having iinkJS from myscipt as a form of input would be great.


Plus i searched online, there is no other app that does this besides Nebo themselves, but they lack a lot of features.


How to integrate this, if someone wanna guide me, I can even write this, i will even pay. Thanks for reading.

2 replies

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Hey @Victoria Reworld,

Apologies for the delay in seeing this post, and thanks for suggesting this webapp! 

If this is something you’d like to see/explore integrating in Miro, the Web SDK and our REST API could be used to integrate this (or perhaps some portion of it). 

Perhaps iinkJS might consider working on such an integration, and exploring our App Submission process. More details on this, and getting an app in Miro’s Marketplace, here:



Handwriting-to-text has become core functionality for white boarding collaboration apps. It needs to be a native tool, not a third-party app via API.


Check out how it works in Apple’s Freeform app, or Microsoft Teams. Of course the state of the art is how it’s done in Vibe’s Canvas app. Has Miro missed the boat on this?