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  • 4 April 2021
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i am in team plan, i am using board picker to embed miro into my website and i am embeding Editable boards for not registered users but the created board is not editable it’s in can comment state


Best answer by omar abdelaziz 21 April 2021, 13:01

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8 replies

@mlanders @Robert Johnson @Kiron Bondale 
please, if you can help?


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@omar abdelaziz - As long as the board’s Share settings are set to Anyone with the link → Can edit, it should be editable:


@Robert Johnson the board created with board picker with (allowCreateAnonymousBoards=true) so all the board participants are guest editors 

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@omar abdelaziz - I probably should have asked what “board picker” is in my first reply, but I was in a rush to leave. And now that you have mentioned “allowCreateAnonymousBoards=true”, I see that you are referring to the Miro Developers Platform API: Boards Picker.

Since this is to do with the developer platform, I have moved this post to the Developer Platform and APIs category.

While I personally have no experience with this, I could ask if you have completed all of the initial setup steps as per the following page:


1) Create an app for your Miro team.
2)Contact us to use Boards Picker. Provide 'clientId' of the application as a comment to the form.
3) In the app's settings provide the domain names where your Boards Picker is hosted. This lets us stop other websites from trying to impersonate your app. If you're developing locally, you can use localhost as the domain name as well.
4) Add the following JavaScript snippet in your HTML.

@Robert Johnson yes i have completed all of the initial setup steps and the board is been created but instead of the board been editable it’s on can comment only and not editable board.


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@omar abdelaziz 

@Boris Borodyansky may have some suggestions. I believe he has experience with the boards embed features. 

@Boris Borodyansky can you help, please?

i follow up with support and the problem solved but the support didn’t tell me what exatly was wrong