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  • 12 February 2021
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Is it possible to create a custom card type with some extra fields, happy to get stuck into some APIS if it would be possible….It’s been a few years since I did some serious coding so any Noddy guides would be helpful





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@Jerry OSullivan   This is a super-desirable feature. Easily in my top-3 list of feature adds to the API/SDK. 

Not even overstating things here: literally every single person I’ve talked to who’s considering investing cash money into creating an app on Miro has brought this up: the desire for the custom card widget. And I believe the original vision for the ‘card’ is just that: that it one day finds itself to be a more use-case-adaptable, special-purpose-customizable widget -- attractive like the website snippet cards, somewhat interactive like Kanban, level of detail controlled like cards currently.  

@Farbod Saraf @farbodsaraf Has probably heard this feedback many times at this point as he’s been collecting feedback for future improvements to the platform.  I’m imagining the Miro platform team is hard at work narrowing down the essence of this feature and when they deliver it - it will be pretty awesome. 

There’s tons of obvious parallel / overlap with what’s become popular in design/dev circles: like CSS frameworks and component libraries. Examples: 

MVP Miro implementation would seem to be the pressing design question at the moment. I think about that a lot these days. 


At the moment you can write HTML onto a card and can parse it later to read it back into your app… but I haven’t been able to get HTML to render any differently on a card ( <H1> looking big and bold vs <p> looking like, well ...<p>…).  If I recall correctly, the HTML on a card does respect new lines / line breaks as it renders… which isn’t nothing and could be hacked for use… but you have to click on each card to expose that ‘description’ text … so its fairly limited.  Admittedly, it was 8 months ago when I did those tests - could have done a poor investigation and/or overlooked something.