API automation / use case feasibility for Automated Framing

  • 9 June 2021
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Use Case:

I’m considering diving into the API to try to automate the upload of PDFs, extracting all their pages, laying them out in a specific layout, and then framing each page.

Is this at all feasible?




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4 replies

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Hi @Judd Maltin,


Thanks for sharing your idea here. 

This might not be possible with the current version of the REST API. It depends of how you want to layout the PDF into the board. If you take a look at the Create Widgets REST API you will see the list of supported widgets:

As of today Frames and Documents are only accessible in readonly mode, you will not be able to add these widgets to the board using the REST API.

Ah, that’s too bad.  Those are the two widget types I want to automate - documents and frames.

I guess I’ll do PDF→PNG and see if I can create and automate a bunch of images with the Web SDK… is that possible?

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The Web-SDK has more capabilities in terms of widgets than the REST API.

With Web-SDK you can create frames and images but not document. In that case you will be able to upload PNG images onto your board.

I think offline PDF->PNG->Miro Upload→PNG→Frame will be my path.

Miro can’t unzip/gunzip, correct?