Amplitude Integration not working with EU server

  • 28 September 2022
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Dear Miro team

We wanted to use the Amplitude integration with our EU instance ( Unfortunately this does not work, because the integration expect by default, that the US server will be used (which also works). Unfortunately we use the EU server with our customers. 
I reached out to the Amplitude forum ( and I got the answer that you can change this on your end, to use the EU servers. Is there a way you can change that default behavior or tell me how I can switch myself. 

I reverse engineered the code a little bit and I can see that the code would be ready for using the EU servers. 

2 replies


Hi Sandro, have you found any workaround? 

We’re facing the same issue, but seems that this is not in the roadmap of Miro (however they’ve mentioned that it’s in their backlog) 

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No unfortunately not. It would be something that the Miro or Amplitude (probably the Amplitude team) needs to fix. The auth flow breaks when redirected to amplitude OAuth endpoint. These endpoints (as it seems) are not designed for the EU data center. I cannot say if they have any plans to fix this… 

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