Why does my uploaded Excel spreadsheet just show as a white area within a frame?

  • 25 August 2020
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When i uploade an excel spreadsheet, either by dragging and dropping or using the upload function, it appears to start loading onto the miro board and then it simply goes white. However i can then use the download function and it extracts the spreadsheet from Miro.  I want to be able to view and work on the spreadsheet in Miro, is this possible? Many thanks J



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Hi @Jennine Crofts. I was able to open Google Drive, create a Google Sheet, enter the values One, Two, There (cells A1/A2/A3) save it as a Excel (.xlsx), go to a Miro board (Consultant Plan account), click upload > My device, upload it, and see the values I entered:

A few questions for you:

  1. What file format is your spreadsheet? (Supported File Formats)
  2. Does this happen for every spreadsheet that you try to upload?
  3. Are you doing this in the browser version or a Miro desktop app? (if an app, which one?)
  4. What is the content of your spreadsheet? Text? Images? Both? Charts/graphs?
  5. Do you have anyone else on your team/a friend using Miro whom you could have try the same spreadsheet?
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@Jennine Crofts -

One more question I’ll add to Rob’s great list is: Have you tried zooming in or out to see if that reveals it?


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Is there a way to convert a google sheet or excel spreadsheet to a Miro grid rather than an image?

Thanks Legends!

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@Lorraine Marsh - I can’t find anyway to do this and even see where someone else has expressed interest in being able to do this in a Grids Feedback post.

I would recommend adding this as an Idea in the Wish List category by following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know. If you do create a Wish List Idea post, I would also recommend that you post a link to it back here, so that future readers of this post can quickly get to and vote for your Idea. And don’t forget that you can vote for your own Idea!