When consultants generate new business for Miro - Affiliate program

  • 21 August 2020
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If I subscribe to the "Consultant Plan", I suspect a good number of my clients will sign up for Miro. That said, I'm not sure they would follow an affiliate link to do so. This is even more true if they are already registered as a Miro user and I remove them from my team.

Is there a way for Consultants acting like affiliates to get a payment if one of their invited client upgrades to a paid plan?

2 replies

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Hi @bobino,

From my understanding of the Affiliate program, you can either use a default link or create custom affiliate links, and this is the only way to track subscriptions that link back to you. You may also have been provided with a discount code that your clients can use to get a discount, but if they do not go through your affiliate link, you will not be compensated for the referral.

I have a Consultant plan, and I typically include the cost of the first client engagement in my fees, but I always open the door for my clients to transition the account to their own went he project wraps up.  In doing so, they will need to set up an administrator and pay for their own account, and I instruct them to go through the affiliate link and then use my discount code.

If all else fails, I would instruct your client to contact support when setting up their account so they can receive any discount that you have and ensure you get recognition for your referral. Miro support is absolutely top-notch and will help out however they can!

Hope this helps!



Hi Miro … Could someone please explain how the affiliate program works. I’m on the consultant plan and have introduced several medium sized companies to Miro. I am sure that they will eventually purchase a licence. How do I get rewarded for my referral and giving them their first taste? 

I know that Mural is free for consultants if you ask. 

There should be some quick and easy reward system seeing as though consultants are probably your most important sales channel.