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Firstly in many ways Miro is a game changer - and has all sorts of interesting possibilities. So well done!


That said, it would seem to me that Miro would work best with a Wacom pen. But the combination does not seem to be seamless! Issues:

  1. When using a mouse. All the icons on the left are accessable. But when using the wacom pen, 3 things are not accessable (i) it is not possible to switch to the eraser. (ii) It is not possible to change pen colour (iii) In an options window, it is not possible to click the X to leave (though using the upper button as a right click seems to work).
  2. There is no function to vary line thickness to pen width

Support for these two things would make a big difference.


I’m using a standard Windows 10 PC with a Wacom Intuos pro pen and tablet.

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Hi @Patrick Degenaar,

Thanks for this feedback! I’ll let the team know :relaxed:  

Same for me … my Watcom Intuos S is plugged in; not much I can do with it?




Hi @Marina 

I’m curious to know the latest status of @Patrick Degenaar challenges and if the Miro team plan to fix these and if they are, do you have a release date? 

Regards Gerry

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Problem status (at least for me):


  1. This now seems to be fixed
  2. I was perhaps not clear in this problem. the line width does not change with pen pressure. This is still outstanding
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Works fine on a Wacom enabled touchscreen but you do have to set your line width manually as @Patrick Degenaar said. 

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In order to use a pencil naturally, you definitely need pressure sensitivity support. Windows Ink does all the hard work on PC, so it is a real shame it isn’t supported. Google’s Jamboard supports it wonderfully! But Miro is 1000% better at everything else.

Anyone had luck getting a pen to work in Miro while on a Wacom Cintiq?

I have, but performance is much better in the desktop app than the web app for Doing Pen Things. Which is fine. 

I’d very much like my Cintiq pen’s eraser to work on the board. When I flip the pen over and erase and I just get MORE PEN I’ve just made things worse. At this point there is no escape: I’ve committed. I am more scribble than man now. It is day 34 and the scribbles have adopted me as their own.

I’d also like pen sensitivity but I imagine that’s not practical: I’m reasonably certain that lines drawn within the app are collections-of-abstract-points, not full-on-bitmaps. A pen that worked with sensitivity would be a totally new and different kind of pen tool.

Hi @Marina


I want to put my input regarding the Wacom compatibility, 

It’s a shame that miro doesn’t support the wonderful feature of pen pressure sensitivity, It’s the main reason designers use Wacom, 

I would like to see upgrade regard:


  1. Enhancement to the pen variation and width, like windows ink
  2. Able to control the opacity of the line strokes,
  3. Sticky notes, you should consider an option to put your sketches directly on the sticky notes automatically and be able to move the sticky note with the sketch as a group, 
  4. Having the option of drawing in the boundaries of the selected sticky note, so your line kept within the sticky note’s frame, keep it clean like in the real world
  5. More color options regard the highlighter,

Thank you Miro team! 

in the pen mode (not mouse mode) the wacom bamboo doesn’T work on miro board (16.06.2021). i cannot use the miro pen to draw anything.

in the mouse mode i can use the miro pen, but then it is not only restricted to the miro area, so it draws everywhere as i would use the mouse.

MS whiteboard is working well, so i assume, this is still a miro issue.

I have the same issue.


I must change the Wacom settings from « pen mode » to « mouse mode », but it means that the cursor is no longer constrained to my main screen (I have 2 but I could have 3 or more), making only a small portion of the tablet usable, or in my case, making the tablet unusable with Miro.

For the record, it’s not about supporting pen pressure sensitivity.

It’s literally impossible to draw anything with the tablet in « pen mode » (which is the standard mode).

The cursor is just stuck in place when you try to draw anything.

After tinkering with the settings, the culprit actually is “windows ink mode”. Turn this off and the tablet will work in “pen mode”.