Uploading sticky captures - frames are overlapping

  • 21 August 2020
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Hi I love the sticky capture feature but I am uploading a lot of content (50 images) from a workshop and the frames keep overlapping. I lock / unlock content and frames but I can’t find an easy way to manage the content and I don’t want to create a new board for each upload.  Any suggestions?


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6 replies

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@JHoy Can you please clarify your process? When I go to a blank spot of the board and execute the Sticky capture on an image, there is no frame around the stickies. 

Hi @Rob Johnson  I have a board created - I upload using sticky capture from a photo. The photo transfers the post-it-notes into a group - I then eventually found a way to create a frame around this group.

When I go to do the next photo upload it keeps dropping the images on top of the previous frame. I then can’t unlock the frames without the stickies moving outside of the original grouping.

I tried creating blank frames and uploading within that frame but that doesn’t work either. 

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Thanks for the detailed description of your steps! I get it now.

Because the board is an virtually infinite space, you would upload your first batch, then frame them, and them move to another spot on the board and repeat your steps, like so:


Thank you @Rob Johnson  that is very helpful ! I think because I was locking - I couldn’t seem to make them go to another area of the board?? I will follow your steps. Cheers


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Here’s another little neat trick, if you didn’t already know. A few months ago, Miro introduced the Auto Layout feature. This could be very handy for you if once your stickies are uploaded, they are all jumbled and over/under each other.

Just Shift + click-and-drag around the stickies to select them all and then click-and-drag the little four-dot icon that appears at the top-right corner of the selection box, e.g.:


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And I suppose it would look nicer if they were all the same size: