Unable to unlock a frame

  • 13 May 2020
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We’re all new to Miro… it looks like one of our team has locked a frame (maybe inadvertently). Is it possible for me to unlock a frame that someone else has locked? (I created the board but didn’t lock the frames - lesson for the future). Is it simply that any one with access can lock any section that’s not already locked and only they can unlock it, or is it more sophisticated than that?




Best answer by Mark Dickinson 13 May 2020, 17:24

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6 replies

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@Mark Dickinson -

No - as long as you have edit access to the board, you can click on a locked object, long-press the small toolbar above it, and unlock it.


OK, thanks. However… there is one frame on the board that is (slightly) greyed out and I can’t select. I saw the dialogue box you mention when I lock and unlock a frame myself, but can’t seem to to get to it for this frame. Any ideas, please??

Just closed the board and re-opened it - that seemed to fix it :-)

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@Mark Dickinson -

A lot depends on the objects in or near that shape which might be preventing you from properly selecting it. Depending on how close they are to the edges of the frame, you may need to move one or more of those to be able to select the frame. Once you do that, it should unlock the same as any other object.


I had this same problem and it turned out I did not have the arrow selector chosen! I was new with Miro, so had no idea it could be as simple as that. 


i can't unlock a frame, i'm trying to click but nothing happens :rage: