Top right toolbar is gone?

  • 11 November 2020
  • 3 replies

Hi everyone!


I'm a paid member but still pretty new to Miro.

I noticed that the top right toolbar (with the settings) has somehow disappeared from my board after I saved, shared and reopened it. The only thing left is the search button.

Is there a way to bring it back?




3 replies

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Hi @thatsmrnice4u,

It seems that you are speaking about editing custom templates

You can add them to the board (not edit). Thus, you will have your template on the board and can share it. Does it help?

Hi @Marina 


Thanks for your response!

I don't think it's a template. It's this bar here:

For some reason on another one of my boards this isn't showing, I can only see the magnifying glass.


KInd regards,


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@thatsmrnice4u - Out of curiosity, what do you see when you open the board and then click on the board name (top-left) - are you for sure listed as the owner and have all of the the following button options?


When you mentioned “my board”, then I assume you are the Owner and things should look similar to my screenshot.

I have also seen glitches like this happen with browser caches. Have you tried

  • signing in from a private/incognito browser window?
  • clearing your cache?
  • using another browser?
  • using a Miro desktop or mobile app?