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I use miro for math and I want to put a minus sign and then I want to space it out with a 28 but as soon as I click the space bar it adds a period, ow can I stop this from happening

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@Arcade Master -

Can you post a screenshot or Loom video of specifically what is happening as it is not quite clear. When I type in A = B - C, it isn’t putting a period between the “-” and the “C”?


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@Arcade Master - It sounds like you are using the Text object to add your text to the board, pressing the hyphen/dash/minus key, and then the Spacebar at which point Miro inserts a bullet symbol, not a period.

As as this happens, just “undo” it with Ctrl/Cmd+Z:


More on Bulleted and Number lists in the Text Help Center article:

Bulleted and numbered lists

Bulleted and numbered lists help break up large blocks of text easier to grasp and make key information stand out. To start a bulleted or numbered list, type a dash or a number and press the spacebar. You are able to convert any text that you entered into a bulleted or numbered list by using the List type tool in the menu.  Feel free to customize your lists and make them multilevel:

Creating a multilevel list