Solving a team work problem with links

  • 31 July 2020
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When working with my team and some guest collaborators today, there was a frame with a number of links to other boards in it (sort of a Table of Contents).  The problem we experienced was that whenever one person clicked on a link, that link got highlighted, they were sent to the other board, and didn’t realize that the rest of the team could no longer click on that link because it was locked/frozen by the first person who clicked on it.

Has anyone else had this issue and how do you solve it?  It really slows down our progress because everyone has to wait for the link to become un-highlighted again.

--thanks for your help!


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@Shawn Young -

I just tried to replicate your situation and didn’t run into this issue - as soon as I clicked the link for one user, it zoomed to the link destination, so the other user was able to click on that link. Even when I brought up the edit link dialog box as one user, the other user was still able to navigate using the link.


@Kiron Bondale thanks for testing this out.  The collaborator did say that she was having issues with her laptop or internet freezing.  Maybe that was the issue today.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen in the future.