[RESOLVED] Talktracks unavailable for Visitors (i.e., unregistered users)

  • 4 April 2024
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I just noted that unregistered visitors on a board with a Talktrack, i.e., someone not signed into a Miro account and accessing a board that is set to “Anyone with the link → Can view or Comment” cannot see any Talktracks in the Talktrack app panel.


  • If the visitor has Edit access, they can see the Talktracks in the Talktrack app panel.
  • If the visiting viewer loads the board with a Talktrack share link, e.g., with “?playRecording=820067ee####” on the end of the link, the Talktrack does load and play.


Happening in Windows 10 and 11, 64-bit, in latest Chrome, Edge, Firefox.

I have opened a Miro support ticket and will update this post as I learn more.


2 replies

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The issue may be related to this newly reported incident on Miro’s status page:


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This just kind of resolved itself.