[RESOLVED] Copy/Paste on PERSONAL Board not working

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Hi there,

Copy&Paste suddenly stopped working on one specific board for me. (using Ctrl+V / Ctrl+C). I work on a free plan, the personal board, on a MacBook Pro. The problem remains the same on the Desktop App and within the Browser. It is a “one board” only problem (the freshly introduced Personal Board of Miro).

I already tried, without success:

  • update the Miro Desktop App
  • Reset Application Data
  • Reload the App (of course :D)

Any clue anyone? It is really frustrating, as I use it all the time.

Thanks for advise.

Robert Johnson 1 year ago

@Avivhdr - I randomly checked this and it appears to have been resolved as I can now copy-paste objects on my PERSONAL board. Can you?

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Fascinating find. I’m not sure why this poster is listed as Anonymous, but I will still reply to say that I am experiencing this issue to and will create a Miro support ticket.

Anonymous: If you’re reading this, you should be able to use Cmd/Ctrl-D as a workaround, to duplicate the object vs. copy/paste.


Attention Support team: When on one of my Free Team account’s PERSONAL board (screenshot below), I cannot copy/paste objects what exist on that board.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a sticky note
  2. Ctrl-C to copy it to my clipboard
  3. Ctrl-V to paste - this does nothing.

Clipboard analyzer dump of a sticky note with the text “Test” on it:


<!--StartFragment--><span data-meta="<--(miro-data-v1)tl2kroutqq+gnq+gn111r62woGddnaqcrZ+En111XbCTpZGInZGAdHNveF1nXbGgra6kqqlddW1nXaOqrq9ddV2opK2qaZ6qqF24(/miro-data-v1)-->"></span><div><div><div>Test</div></div><div></div><div></div></div><!--EndFragment-->




I will create a support ticket and include a screen recording of the issue, and the board link.


NOTE: Other boards in that same Free Plan team are not affected.


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Response from Miro support:

Thank you for your patience while we investigated the issue. Since the Personal Board feature is currently in Beta, we have forwarded the information to the appropriate team in charge of investigating issues within the Beta program. Currently, we are unable to resolve the issue and cannot conduct further tests within the program
However, we would like to thank you for your assistance in providing feedback on the program. I will reach back out to you if the team updates me with either a resolution to the issue or more information about why the Copy and Paste feature is not working for Personal boards. 
In the meantime, I will close this ticket. Please let me know if you have any other questions for me or the team!

I’m hoping this will be resoled soon 🤞

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@Avivhdr - I randomly checked this and it appears to have been resolved as I can now copy-paste objects on my PERSONAL board. Can you?

I am unable to delete or duplicate any stickers added to MIRO BOARD 

Hi @Robert Johnson 
Yes now I can copy-paste objects.

Thank you very much 🙇‍♂️

I saw ​​​​​​@Navneet Saini’s comment and I can confirm that on my personal board, I too, cant delete or duplicate stickers.

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I am unable to delete or duplicate any stickers added to MIRO BOARD 

@Navneet Saini - This is a known issue. Please subscribe or comment on this post for updates:




Hi miro community, I can now no longer copy and paste on the miro board (using the desktop application) and have opened a ticket on this with miro (as I am on a paid Consultant plan).

Everything was fine up until a week ago when the Cmd C / Cmd V stopped working - it just pastes whatever I have on the clipboard from another application. I have not changed any other set up.

This is really frustrating as I use miro daily and we are always copy and pasting but now cannot. Thank you @Robert Johnson for the Cmd+D work around which is allowing us to copy and paste within the same board. We are desperate to have copy paste between boards / from template to board functionality so hoping I might get some help from the group on any other work arounds please?

I will also add to my thread here if the miro ticket is answered and resolved.


Hey community.. for those who were interested in my thread, MIRO Support came back super quick with the following:

We understand you're having issues with copy and paste in Firefox and we can confirm that a bug on our end causes this behavior. We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience it causes and assure you that we're working towards a resolution!
As a current workaround, we'd suggest you use a different browser, as the copying and pasting functionality works as expected there.
We'll continue to follow up with any updates as soon as possible. Please bear with us!

I’m happy with this response - mainly because it was so quick and it is a solution. I love using firefox so hope they do fix the bug. Hope this helps other users who may have the same issue.

Over and out!

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Update from Miro Support:

Our engineering team let us know that they fixed the issue with copy/pasting in Firefox - could you please check the behaviour on your end and let us know if the functionality works as expected now?
Please let us know what you find out. We'll be looking forward to your reply!

I have tested and the issue appears to have been resolved.


I have tested also and it is resolved - brilliant, thanks Miro Support.