Representante Comercial no Brasil

  • 14 October 2020
  • 7 replies

Boa Tarde, o Miro tem representante comercial no Brasil? estou com dificuldades de ver valores sobre o plano empresarial e adequar uma proposta de valor ao processo do meu setor de compras.

7 replies

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Hi @Silvio Baldi,

I’m sorry, I don’t speak Portuguese. 

Please, reach out to the Support team with your questions around the Business Plan, - they should be able to help you. They also can escalate your case to the Sales team if needed.

Good afternoon,We need to purchase the Miro Business license. We are a government agency and we are having difficulty finding a commercial representative to sell Miro licenses in Brazil. Could you give me the names of Brazilian companies that sell Miro licenses.

Good afternoon, does Miro have a commercial representative in Brazil? I'm having trouble seeing values on the business plan and adapting a value proposition to the process of my purchasing department.

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Hey @Banri Ux Design,

Thanks for addressing your case!

We don't have representatives in Brazil, but we have partners who are authorized to sell our Business and Enterprise plan subscriptions there. I'll convert your question into a support ticket and follow up with you there to provide more details on getting in touch with them.

Good afternoon,We also need to purchase Miro Business and Enterprise license. We are a Brazilian government ministry and we are having difficulty acquiring Miro licenses, because there are no commercial representatives in Brazil.Could you send me the contact details of the partners authorized to sell subscriptions to the Business and Enterprise plans in Brazil.
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Hi @Carolina Vilela de Oliveira,

Thanks for expressing interest in Miro!

I'll convert your message to the support ticket too and will follow up providing the next steps. Speak to you soon!

Olá, @Carolina Vilela de Oliveira! Tudo bem?

A Miro atua no Brasil com parceiros autorizados a revender as licenças da plataforma - além de disponibilizar suporte e treinamento personalizado.

A MOVX é fornecedor autorizado Miro no Brasil com foco no setor público e estamos à disposição!😉