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  • 1 May 2020
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Hi there, 

I am a very happy Miro customer since a long time. I work in the entertainment industry as a creative and I have been using the board as my main creative tool and platform, mainly to organize my ideas with thorough mind maps and collaborative brainstorming session with my collaborators. 

Recently I have been working on my presentation skillset within Miro with the goal to switch to this platform for all my client presentations (replacing Keynote). In my business line, very often we go through a preliminary remote phase when we have to send out a presentation deck to the client for a preview (before we even get to meet them in person). I thought it would be very useful to use Miro for this purpose cause I could embed video references to play within the presentation and boost the presentation effectiveness. 

Unfortunately I found out that it is not that easy cause of the following issues:

  • I couldn’t find a direct link to the board’s presentation mode (just a workaround copying part of the embedding link);
  • when I enter the presentation mode link, the embedded videos are not reliable. Sometimes they play, most of the other times they just don’t (just thumbnails without playing button);
  • if they eventually play, I can’t find a way to control their playback behaviour (autoplay, loop...)

This is the only thing that is currently holding me back. I have been looking for some documentation about the topic in the help center and community and I couldn’t find exhaustive answers. Perhaps I am missing some passages or information and I would very much appreciate if someone from the community could help me with that. 

Otherwise, if these functionalities are not completely developed or implemented in the system I’d like to draw the attention of Miro developers to look into that for further developments. 

Thanks for your attention,

Mariano Leotta

3 replies

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Hi @Mariano Leotta,

as i know from this thread:

miro is on it’s way for a better presentation mode.

Maybe it is possible for you to get into the beta testing of it:

Just contact @Lena Shenkarenko to apply for testing.

Maybe they’ll have a better video implementation than miro has now.



Thanks @mlanders for your reply. 

 the thread you shared is interesting but not completely addressing my issues. 

I did contacted @Lena Shenkarenko

Meanwhile if anyone else on the community has other points of view on the matter please lemme know. 




Has there been any progress on sharing presentations? I’m trying to send a Miro presentation to some funders and would hate to have to send them the whole board without guidance (seriously?).