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  • 18 June 2021
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Dear Miro Community,

I found an article in the Miro Help Centre about pasting links on boards:

Internal and External Linking – Miro Support & Help Center

I managed only once though.. It worked with a link to another Miro board, and then I had very nice icon. Well done ;)

But with some other URL, no way .. Is there any specific format that should be used ?


Both links were pasted the same way

Many thanks for your support.


3 replies

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@Aurelius - Thanks for the screenshots.

For starters, here’s a post where I replied with some information on why some links paste different than others:

When you paste a website in Miro, what determines the information displayed.

From my experience, this tool is “finicky” and when you paste the link, Miro is going out to the Internet to get the webpage information and if there are any unforeseen glitches (slow network, timeouts, etc.) it is programmed to give up and return “something” - the bare minimum likely being using the title of the site, if this case being:

<title>Internal and External Linking &ndash; Miro Support &amp; Help Center</title>

… which aligns with what you were seeing.

I tired it using this link:

… and pasting it onto a board twice in quick succession resulted in:

The results were still different, but had more information than your example.

I tried this in both the latest Chrome and Miro Desktop app and got similar, mixed results.


  • Is this still happening?
  • Is this happening for every board, for every team member?
  • Which link were you using? This:

Or this:


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@Robert Johnson 

Thank you very much for your quick reaction - on a Friday !


Good you mentionned Chrome: for some reasons, I copied the links directly from the toolbar in Microsoft Edge and then straight onto the miro board. This creates a text with an embedded link.
But, if I first paste onto notepad, copy it again from the notepad and only then onto the miro baord : success !!

Here is the success:

All the possible combinations !

Thank you ever so much again!


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@Aurelius - Wow - good find! I can replicate this too in Microsoft Edge: