Newby here. Unable to put text in the "type something" on template. What am i missing?

  • 27 December 2021
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Thanks for your help.. I’ve used other MM’s and - the ability to insert what i want is not intuitive after 3 attempts.

- I’m ready to have some one tell me how simple it is … and where to / what to do to be able to put my own words into “Type Something” place holder on the mind map template.

5 replies

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@Debra Snook -

You should just double-click in the Type Something area within the nodes to enter text. If that is not working for some reason, you might want to try using a different access method for Miro (e.g. desktop app, incognito browser).


I am having exactly the same problem in the mind maps, the other boards don’t seem to have an issue. Did you manage to fix your issue Debra?



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@Kiera - Can you show us what is happening in a video recording? Loom is free and quite easy to use and share a video.

Here is an example with the central/home node of a mind map:


@Kiera Kiera I’m not sure what i did … my problem is now corrected.. 

It may have been that the pointer and the hand … swiches .. what can be done 

< the top option on the left hand tool bar. >  

that is my guess  -

If i remember.. its been days now.  dono if it was my initernet connection… or theirs?

I just checked again .. selecting the “T” on the left bar - drag and open a text box. and type in - is now working for me.  

Hoping your having better luck.

Robert.. - i kinda like that video .. and its too fast.. to read and see at the same time.

I’m trying to read the destructions and the sticky keeps movign and-- for newby’s it would help to be slower… jmo

i like the idea of a video grabber Loom …&... its just one more damn thing to have to learn download and try and figure out.

My problem ( just off the Webinar this week) is that Techie people demo things at the 90 mi hour speed.. of knowing where to click and with what.  The pointers are too small to see where they got the <frame sticky note .. and what they clicked on - before they show us the “gem of a tool”.  >     this loom you added - gave me the same feeling. the info is there and its too fast to orient.  for me.

Thanks for helping out