My board is gone and "how to restore" guide doesn't work

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Hi, I have used Miro for a long time, had a massive board, always opened it from bookmarks with no issue.

Now i opened it, but unexpectedly it sent me to the "welcome, tell us about yourself, who are you?" pages instead of my board. 

I filled these in, but still could not get access to my board. I then checked my account, found there 2 more boards (+ mine, so 3 altogether) which I have never seen/used. Deleted one of them, but somehow were deleted two, including my board. One empty board remains.

I tried to follow the 'how to restore' guide just in case, but it fails for me, because every time I try to open the link to my board, but I dont get the “Board was deleted, restore?” page, I only get to the "welcome, tell us about yourself, who are you?" pages.

I am scared I lost my whole board. What can I do?

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@Li Zi -

Now i opened it, but unexpectedly it sent me to the "welcome, tell us about yourself, who are you?" pages instead of my board.

Can you share a screenshot of this “welcome” page?

Also, do you have a paid, free, or education subscription?

I will also note that, if you have a paid Miro subscription, you can open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions:

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@Robert Johnson 

Thank you so much for your answer.

Yeah, sorry, I should have worded it better, it’s the “Tell us about your team” page. It opens every time when I try to open the bookmarked link of my board. Also, no matter how many times I fill it in and get to the very end of this form, the next time I open the link I still land on this page. 

I do not have any subscription.


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It is sounding (and looking) like your Miro account profile is no longer a member of any team space. However, I should ask, do you have a Miro account at all? For example, what do you see when you go to this Miro dashboard link?

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I agree with Robert it’s important to know about your subscription.

From time to time I have “freak out” moments that inspire me to jump out of a window. Since I live on the ground floor that would be a waste of time, so what I usually do in these cases is to try opening the board, but using a different BROWSER or, if possible, a different COMPUTER.

What you describe does not sound like a typical “caching” problem to me - but nevertheless you can sometimes get some insight when trying on a different system.

Now . . . since that advice probably won’t help, my only other advice - which probably also won’t help: for ALL my boards, I regularly download a backup of them.  When you click on this option, Miro creates an “.rtb” file and downloads it. Later, if you need to restore a board, you can upload this file and Miro will re-create the board.


G O O D    L U C K

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@Robert Johnson @Kenneth Ritley 

Yeah, it all is very weird. 

The link you sent @Robert Johnson also only opens that welcome landing page. I tried cleaning cache in browser and deleting cookies, I turned off tracking protection in my browser just in case (I use Brave primarily), I checked a few times if I am using the correct email, tried other emails too a couple times (just in case..), but no matter what I do I constantly land on the welcome page… And all that despite me having account in Miro for a couple years already!

I have a feeling there might be some weird bug in Miro, because even if I login and remain logged in, when I close the tab and open Miro again, I only get the “Tell us about your team” page and I must say at this point I am sick and tired of filling it in :D 

I am so incredibly upset :( 

When it comes to the back up, I thought I had it backed up but apparently… (look at screenshots)


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I ended up trying a different browser per @Kenneth’s recommendation and saw the precious “restore the board” window! 

Thank you so much!!! 

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(It only works from Chrome tho for some reason.. In Brave it just doesn’t go, and I am not sure why. But at least something!)

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Glad you got it fixed. I’ve never heard of Brave - just had a look now - makes me SHUDDER with fear. Locking things down is the exact opposite of what modern software companies want so I see conflicts just waiting to happen!

Personally I am a very happy user of the Miro app on my Mac - it means I have a dedicated Miro space and I don’t have to mix up browsing windows with Miro windows.

Have fun!