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  • 25 February 2021
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Is there a way to select the connector icon and do multiple lines/arrows without having to click on the connector icon between each arrow?


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4 replies

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@A Fisher - You can add connection lines anywhere from the content creation toolbar (or by using the L hotkey):


More on Connection Lines in the following Help Center article:

Thank you for your reponse.

That is helpful but I draw many straight arrows on a slide to point out details as I am lecturing and it appears that it is a 3-step process for each arrow; press L, hold down CTRL, and draw arrow, and then repeat.

Is there any way to lock my selection (straight, non-connecting arrow) and just use my cursonr to draw as many arrows as I want?

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@A Fisher - I’m not sure why you are using “Ctrl”. As far I can tell, all you need to do when you need a connection line is press the L key and quickly draw. Once that is done, your cursor will go back to select mode. Miro will remember the properties of the last connection line used during your board session, so it should just be a “button press + click and draw” process to create a new arrow.

In this example my connection line is a straight, thick, red arrow. When I want to point to something on this image of a diagram, I just press L and then click and draw:

(Note: I probably should have locked my image first, so that I wasn’t accidentally moving it.)

You could also use the Pen tool or try copying an arrow icon from the Iconfinder library into your clipboard and pasting it as required.

Pressing L is very clunky as it’s on the right side of the keyboard. Can this be changed to a key we want?