Mouse wheel to pan no longer working

Until today I was generally able to use the center mouse wheel to pan, by pressing the wheel as a button and them moving the mouse around. This is a pretty typical feature of cad software and similar. 


Although it would sometimes stop working after a bit, if I refreshed the page it would normally work ok. Today it seems this function is now totally gone???


I can still use the mouse wheel scroll to pan vertical, and I can even push it left/right to pan side to side, but pushing down the whole wheel as a button to enable panning seems to be disabled now?


Is this intended behavior?

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@Robert Kriener - It sounds like your navigation mode may have changed - a setting that is stored in a cookie. You are likely on Mouse mode now, or auto, and Miro recognizes a mouse over a trackpad.

Have a read through this article:

In short, try switching to Trackpad or Auto switch


I tried manually toggling using that menu and it does not enable this functionality with either Mouse, Trackpad, or Auto being active :( 

Manually switching between trackpad and mouse works, but the autoswitching isn’t working in Chrome anymore. 

It is strange, because now I can pan using the centre button if I am using Select or Pen tools, but not Text. Does anyone know a reason for this?