Miro Plugin Sketch for Sketch - Unable to sync to specific Board

  • 26 May 2020
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Hey everyone,

I’m a Miro newb and have accounted an issue I can’t quite rectify - hopefully someone can explain to me what I’m doing wrong.

After selecting the artboards in my Sketch file I want to import into my Miro board, I select the Miro for Sketch plugin. When I open the dropdown in the modal, to select the Miro board to sync to, I can’t see my board. I can see other boards, but not mine.

Could it be:

  • Something to do with changing the name of the Miro board (not sure if it has as this project has recently been handed over to me)
  • or because my Miro login is my client email address and my Sketch login is the agency I work for,
  • or something else?

Thanks in advance,



Best answer by Elias 2 June 2020, 11:54

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Try to change to your board this setting on “can edit” or “can view” whatever you want without setting “no access” and import artboards again