Miro not pasting from Excel

  • 15 September 2022
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I was trying to copy cells from excel and paste into sticky notes in miro (one of my favourite features!). However, the excel content is not recognized and miro app pastes the latest sticky note I had copied. I am able to paste the excel content to other applications, but not in miro.

I also tried the web versions in Chrome and Edge - in the web versions, nothing happens, as if I haven’t copied anything. However, I’m able to paste the content copied from Excel in other applications (tested pasting in an email).

Any idea on how I can fix this? Thanks :)



6 replies

Facing the exact same issue since last hour. It is so annoying and ruining my whole Miro experience.

I am having this same issue…. is there a solution?

Same problem. Using a Chromebook; Unable to copy from Excel and paste as sticky notes on Miro

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I tested this on Chrome app, and Excel (Microsoft), and I able to copy and paste data, and Miro prompted to, paste as a table or sticky notes,



Facing same issue, not able to paste data from excel to stickies. Any help ?

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Facing same issue, not able to paste data from excel to stickies. Any help ?

@Priya Sharma - I just tested and can paste from both the desktop and web versions of Excel into a Miro board in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and the Miro desktop app - all from Windows 11 64-bit.

A few questions:

  • Are you receiving an error?
  • Or is “nothing” happening?
  • Exactly what steps are you taking?
  • What is your setup (OS, client, etc.)?