Miro board disappeard

  • 26 February 2024
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Hi, I have created a board few weeks ago and then invited my friends via e-mail invitation to the whole workspace. After few weeks we have lost access to this specific board in the workspace. I cannot see it in my boards and my friends also cannot access it. We even tried going to the link attached to the invitation sent just after creating the board but Miro says that you can’t get access to this board. How could this board dissappear? What could have happened?

1 reply

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@Tomasz Gieburowski - The first thing that comes to mind – a common scenario – is that you created the board in a Free Plan team space that you were previously invited to, and then a Team Admin of that space deleted you from the team, therefore assuming ownership of your board(s) in that space. However, without any insights into your specific situation, that is my best guess.

I put this post together to discuss “missing” or “lost” boards and included a few things to consider/try: